And a bone of contention when it comes to replacing it. As many are aware, the “Old Swan Hill Bridge” has certainly seen better days. The Government have graciously decided that it’s time to build a new bridge to allow this iconic structure, retirement.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, but the location the Government have chosen hasn’t quite met with the approval of many within the community. We believe this is due primarily to misinformation and scare mongering by a group of residents who feel we deserve a better location and bridge type. The trouble is the location is unachievable as is the bridge type.

The purpose of this website is to allow the other side of the argument to be presented. The reality is that we have two options – 9A or nothing, it’s that simple. Sure a flyover outside of Swan Hill would be great and perhaps achievable in the future, but not one down in Federal Square. No one can deny that a new bridge connecting Swan Hill to Murray Downs at 9A is going to do us well for the next 100 or more years. Heck we may no longer need a bridge by then as vehicle technology may have us literally flying over the river anyway – who knows?

A flyover at Federal Square just isn’t going to happen, despite the intentions of BPAC and certain Councillors. The reality is as I said earlier, either 9A or nothing. As it stands we will still have to cross the Murray over Old Faithful for what maybe a very long time.