’bout time

It’s been a while since we last posted but all good things come to those who wait. Our Secretary, Bill Croft thought it would be a good idea to see where the Victorian Government stood on the position of the potential new bridge in Swan Hill. Well the response, while not iron clad, was certainly illuminating. The letter (click here to view it) certainly spells it out that our friends in BPAC, are brking up the wrong tree.

Surely we should all embrace the idea of a new bridge, given the age of our current bridge, and so I hope that BPAC will see sense and just move on from their smear campaign and let the Government, who by the way will fnd this structure, build the City of Swan Hill a brand new bridge just upstream from the old one.

And hopefully our leaders (Councillors) will be united in their desire to see the same. But I’m pragmatic enough to know that we will have to wait till the next Coucil elections to see this unity.

How disgusting

To think we have a council willing to sacrifice the welfare of youth in return for a failed attempt to stop the government building a bridge at an ideal location. Go figure.

They tell us that they have enough money to survive 12 months,  yet are saying that a $50k slush fund to stop a foregone conclusion is more important than the loss of a youth support worker @ $35k. The math doesn’t add up.

What a waste

Today’s Guardian says it all. This single issue Council are taking away import Community services it seems, just to try and prove a point with State Government. What will this cost us really? Given that the money they are playing with is from the people of the community, either via rates or via taxes, shouldn’t we be allowed a say in all of this?

Of course these Councillors will say they had a mandate to do this at the last election, but seriously, they didn’t have a mandate to waste money, or cut services to fight a losing battle, nor ignore the welfare of the community as a whole. I’m sorry bu this plain wrong and Councillors you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Do we need to wait another 2.5 years before we see sensible people at the helm of Swan Hill Rural City? Hope not.


I guess we can hope

It may be hard to imagine, but the way it stands at the moment, Swan Hill looks likely to get another chance at a bridge by 2074. That’s 60 years! And why do we have to wait that long? Well simply because we have a minority of elderly people running around saying they want the bridge somewhere other than where the Government are willing to put it.

This group of aging armchair engineers are acting like spoilt children with their hands on their hips, and stamping their feet, trying to tell the Government, who have already done large numbers of studies, that they have it wrong.

But hang on a minute, isn’t it the Government who are – A: footing the bill, B: want to connect this fine city to that of Murray Downs with a new bridge, C: have done numerous studies and D: have given us a glimmer of hope rather than the option of traffic continually having to crawl over the 120 year old bridge that currently crosses the river?

You know someone needs to tell this elderly group of Luddites to swallow their pride and gratefully accept the new bridge. That other mob who have effectively scuttled the chances of this community of ever getting a new bridge, continue to throw baseless arguments out and try to muddy the already murky waters, about the chance we have of getting a flyover bridge down near Federal Square. You know the only thing likely to flyover are pigs.

And I’m left wondering what agenda they really have in scuttling our chances.